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    From The Desk of: Chris Chandra


    Dear Painfully Shy Friend,

    If you've ever wanted to effortlessly strike up a conversation…

    If you've ever wanted to have your choice of invites on where to go on a Saturday night…

    If you've been secretly craving more friends in your life, then I have some good news for you.

    Your new lifestyle is here and it's yours for the taking — if you're ready to take action.

    Sounds too good to be true, right?

    Well, it's completely true and in just a minute I'll tell how you can make it your own reality too.

    But first, let's talk about the “giant elephant” in the room: Shyness.

    Let's face it, being shy sucks. When you're suffering from shyness or even social anxiety, it can really make you feel like you can't enjoy everything life has to offer.

    Without a healthy social life, your soul starts to feel… well, starved. Like you're constantly hungry for the type of emotional bond that's naturally found between great friends.

    And when you feel that way… well, it's frustrating. You want to be able to join in the conversation at work or school but every time you start to speak, you feel the words catch in your throat and nothing comes out.

    You want to be able to meet new people and develop new friendships but you're not sure how. And even current friends… well, it would be great if you were the first person they called when they were looking to hangout.

    But here's the thing… It doesn't have to be this way!

    Hi, my name is Chris Chandra and at the risk of sounding like I'm bragging, I have the type of social life most guys would love to have.

    To be honest, if it wasn't my own life, I'd think it was complete fiction. Sometimes I literally have to pinch myself to make sure that I'm not dreaming.

    You see, I have a large circle of friends who frequently call me when they're looking to party, head out for a new adventure, or just hang out. People throwing parties have even called me to schedule their event based on my schedule (pretty crazy, huh?) because they know more people will come to their party if I'm there.

    And women… well, they frequently go out of their way to talk to me even though I'm not the most buff or good-looking guy around.

    Here's a picture of me hanging out with my good friend Mary who was recently crowned Miss Asia Canada. (I'll tell you more about Mary in a minute.)

    But I have a small confession to make: It wasn't always this way.

    In fact, I used to be painfully shy. Like never leave the house to go anywhere level of shy. So I'm not kidding when I say that I was once where many guys are right now.

    You see, I grew up in an abusive household as an only child. As a kid, I would say my self-confidence was pretty low but that wouldn't be completely honest. The painful truth was my self-confidence was practically non-existent then.

    I can remember being forced to go to social outings with my parents.

    I would be so uncomfortable that I'd avoid talking to anybody. If someone else actually tried to talk to me, well I'd freeze up. I'd literally open my mouth, feel the words catch my throat, and nothing would come out. It was humiliating.

    Of course my parents didn't understand.

    They thought I was trying to embarrass them. As soon we'd get home, I'd get punished which only made my social anxiety even worse.

    I used to go out of my way to avoid drawing attention to myself.

    I just figured I was just a guy born with an unclimbable mountain of anxiety, insecurities, painful shyness, and an absolute lack of good social skills. I figured that's who I was and there was nothing I could ever do about it.

    Boy was I wrong…

    Maybe the stars were perfectly aligned or something but I met a guy who was willing to be a great friend. I'll call him Mark to protect his privacy.

    Mark was an alpha dog. The kind of guy who could things that no other guy I've ever met could do socially.

    He would literally walk into a bar where he didn't know a soul and strike up a conversation. Mark would arrive at a party and within minutes people would be talking with him and inviting them to their next party.

    And women… well, I'd watch in amazement as they'd go out of their way to meet Mark.

    He wasn't rich. He'd didn't drive a fancy car or have fancy clothes either.

    But here's what he did have: An unbelievable ability to be social and friendly with anyone anywhere and at any time.

    Mark made a huge difference in my life because he was willing to take me wherever he went. By watching Mark in action, I started realize what I was doing wrong.

    I realized what I needed to do differently, and thanks to Mark's influence, I got myself pointed in the right direction.

    It didn't take long until I was living the high life too.

    People started inviting me to their parties. Some of them even tried to schedule their events around my schedule. It seemed like every party I went to, I'd met new people who had heard about me and couldn't wait to meet me.

    I was starting to really enjoy my newfound skills, when I met Mary in one of my university classes. Quite simply, she was one of the hottest girls on campus and had already started doing some professional modeling.

    But as strange as it may sound, Mary was also one of the coolest people I ever met and quickly became one of my closest friends.

    After we both finished college, she kept in touch. About a year later, she won the Miss Asia Canada pageant. As the pageant winner, she was flown to Hong Kong to compete for the World Miss Asia title and she asked me to go with her as her guest.

    It was an awesome trip and I made a number of new friends there too. I still remember Mary and me playing poker with Miss Malaysia and Miss Korea at the Regal River Side Hotel during the week leading up to the pagent.

    The funny thing was, it didn't seem like it was very long ago when I was an awkward, lonely guy. And yet here I was in a classy hotel, playing cards and eating snacks with three lovely (and smart) women.

    It made me realize something that made me feel a bit sad.

    A lot of guys never get to have experiences like this because they let their fears paralyze them from ever taking action. They spend their time either living a lonely life that somehow feels… well, unfulfilling.

    I'll be honest: I didn't start out looking to teach other guys how to create their own successful social life. I was quite happy enjoying my own exciting life instead.

    But that all changed thanks to an accidental encounter I had…

    It seems like almost yesterday when it happened.

    I was hanging out with a group of friends at a trendy bar when this awkward-looking guy nervously approached me. He looked like he was ready to run in a split second when he asked me how he could be more like me.

    He wanted to know whatever pearls of wisdom I'd share about fitting in with virtually any group.

    At the time, it felt weird. I couldn't understand why he'd want advice from me. Plus, I was hanging with my friends. I felt completely caught off-guard. I wasn't ready to hand out advice to anyone — especially on the spur of the moment.

    So I did something that was a total face-palm worthy mistake.

    I completely blew him off.

    It wasn't until later that night when it hit me. I was leaving the bar and I realized what I had done. I had shot down a guy looking for help… a guy who was like I used to be.

    I felt like a complete jerk.

    To this day, I've never crossed paths with that guy again. But you see my personal shame caused me to have a breakthrough.

    I started noticing everywhere I went more and more guys who were visibly struggling in social scenes. Of course, they wouldn't approach me and I'd be reminded about the one guy who did and I had foolishly ignored him.

    But one day, an amazing idea hit me.

    There are probably other guys out there who are looking for someone to teach them how to become more socially skilled.

    The problem was for most of them, they had almost no chance of crossing paths with someone in their area who had great social skills… was willing to be their friend… and was willing to help them too.

    And that's when that I decided I needed to make a difference…

    I didn't start out as a teacher but it didn't take long until I realized I need to find a way to teach shy and socially anxious men what I knew.

    I took some time to sit down to figure it out.

    I had to find a way to put everything I knew about overcoming shyness and creating a new social life into a program that other men could use themselves.

    It wasn't easy to do because I hadn't documented what I had done early on to go from being painfully shy to socially skilled guy.

    In fact, I spent more than a year writing, refining, and even doing additional research to create my program.

    You see, I decided early on that my program had to make sense, be 100% accurate advice, and be incredibly easy to put into action.

    While I was searching for even more tips, tactics, and techniques that I could include… I tested every new top-notch idea that I discovered. When I'd find something that worked well, I added it to my program.

    Pretty soon, my own social "bag of tricks" had become pretty diverse. Even better, my program evolved from a single method into a multi-pronged plan of attack that could work for any other guy too.

    But here's the really cool thing — other men who started using my program reported they were getting better results faster while doing less work!

    Now, I can't take all of the credit for their success. After all, they had to take what I taught them and put it into action.

    I can't claim that I invented every single idea, concept, or method shared in my program either. After all, I started with my own mentor… I took what he taught me and added my own methods on top of it.

    But there are a few things that I can definitely take credit for.

    First, my program contains some of the very best “little things” you can do to make a positive difference in your social life.

    Second, there's no fluff or filler in my program. Just 100% great content that will help you overcome your shyness and conquer social anxiety.

    In fact, it's one of the things that I'm quickly becoming well-known for. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist, so everything I offer — from my free newsletter to any of my paid products — has been designed to deliver high-quality content.

    Simply curl up in your favorite comfortable chair with a beverage of your choice, review my program, and start using the techniques I share.

    My program is 100% digital so you can access it instantly from anywhere in the world — even if it's 2 in the morning!

    And after you've reviewed my complete program, you'll have the tools, tactics, and techniques to feel confident in your next social outing.

    Sounds easy, right?

    Well, it is because I've written my program to be easy to understand and even easier to put into action.

    • Why you don’t have to have lots of money, great looks, or a buff physique to succeed socially…
    • How to develop a magnetic personality…
    • Why most men unknowingly display behavior that lets people walk all over them…
    • The 3 steps to unleashing your inner man…
    • Surrounded by people who aren’t spontaneous? No problem. I’ll tell you how you can easily become their “go-to” guy for social outings…
    • Six key traits that signal low social status…
    • Do you need to be liked by everyone? No way. I’ll set the record straight for you…
    • How to tell a story that won’t bore people…
    • The style of communication that virtually guarantees people will want to exclude you…
    • The #1 way to come off as a creep at a party or club…
    • The right (and wrong) way to give compliments… nail this and you'll win friends and approval!
    • How to never run out of fun things to do…
    • So what does a popular guy look like, sound like, and act like? Don't worry, I'm going to tell you!
    • Why being outgoing isn’t hereditary…
    • And much more!

    In my opinion, my program is the perfect solution for quickly overcoming shyness and banishing social anxiety forever.

    Let me explain…

    I've taken away all of the guesswork.

    Simply follow the training and a few confidence-building exercises I give you as “homework” and you'll know exactly what to do at your next social outing.

    Your improvement in confidence and ability to talk with others will skyrocket higher and higher because you are doing all of the right things.

    Just as important, you won't be making any of the social killer mistakes many shy guys unknowingly do.

    You'll even be able to become your friends' go-to guy when they're looking for ideas on what to do on a Saturday night. (It'll be our little secret that I've given you some tips and pointers on being a great social planner.)

    And you won't ever have to worry about forgetting anything because you'll have my expert guidance at your fingertips whenever you need it.

    • The colossal rookie mistake that can bury you socially for good…
    • The 3 authority levels in social groups…
    • Two powerful steps you can do to establish your real self confidence in your next social outing…
    • How to deal with jerks, pricks, & assholes…
    • The single most effective communication style to use to attract people around you…
    • The hidden trap of social dependency…
    • Why being mature doesn’t mean giving up the things in life you currently enjoy…
    • Five “zombie” topics that kill any social conversation…
    • A big indicator of low status… women sense this and know you’re a pushover…
    • How to avoid selling yourself out…
    • Why “ass kissers” never win…
    • The two biggest mistakes people make when using comedy or humor…
    • How to be “accidentally” funny…
    • 7 idea starters for planning your next social outing with friends…
    • How to kick conversations up to a more enjoyable level…
    • The secret confession I heard from hundreds of women about men…
    • And much more!

    You don't have to research ways to overcome shyness… because I've done the research for you.

    You don't have to figure out how to keep social anxiety at bay… because I'll give you the proven methods to do it yourself.

    You don't have to find a friend who is a social top dog… because I've taken the time (and expense) to make sure “Crush Social Anxiety!” teaches you everything your local pro could teach you and more.

    You don't have to worry about how easy my program will be to use… because I've designed my program so it's easy for any guy to put it to use.

    You don't have to worry about my program emptying your wallet either… because I've deliberately made “Crush Social Anxiety!” affordable.

    But wait, there's more.

    If you take action today, I'll also give you these additional bonuses as a special gift. They're yours to keep forever even if you decide “Crush Social Anxiety!” isn't right for you.

    Of course, I'm completely confident my program is the right choice for you and I'll tell you how I'll guarantee it for you in just a moment.

    But first, let me tell you a bit more about the bonuses I just mentioned…

    Like it or not, Facebook is here to stay and it's become a major tool for building your social network in everyday life. In this special report, I'll show you the exact steps you need to execute to make this happen for you.

    You'll discover how to use your natural personality to attract and build your own personal army of Facebook friends.

    You'll unlock the key to becoming “socially interesting” without doing things like smoking, doing drugs, or other things that are harmful to your body and yourself.

    You'll also uncover the secrets on using photos strategically on Facebook to break the ice and start conversations quickly and painlessly.


    Ever get feel completely creeped out or downright uncomfortable by someone talking to you? That’s the Hibijibies and they're a complete social killer. Nobody wants to hang out with creepy people — Nobody.

    But I have a good feeling about you… you're not a creep. You're a nice guy who could be a great friend for other people if they just give you a chance. Am I right?

    Well, if that describes you then you'll appreciate this special report.

    I'll reveal the 3 critical mistakes that scare, creep, or sending people running away… Why “strong and silent” is a complete deal breaker… Why “motor mouths” never make friends… And I'll even share the secret to telling a joke… even if you’re not naturally funny.


    Women. Men love them but… understanding them is a whole different story.

    As my buddy Mike likes to say, the fairer sex is a mystery wrapped up in a riddle and surrounded by an enigma.

    But here's one thing I have figured out: Nice guys don't have to finish last with women.

    All it takes is a few smart tactics and techniques and you can virtually guarantee that any woman you meet won't walk all over you.

    In this special report, I'll share with you a complete blueprint on how any guy can gain more respect from women without acting like a total jerk or a bumbling fool.

    These 3 special reports are yours to keep simply for agreeing to take my “Crush Social Anxiety!” for a 100% risk-free test drive.

    But there's one thing I need to bring up: I understand finances may be a bit tight for some guys right now.

    Well, I don't want any guy's tight finances to prevent them from getting the help they need and let them enjoy the social life they so desperately want.

    That's why I decided to make “Crush Social Anxiety!” a 100% digital program. There's no shipping and handling and you can get access in mere minutes too. All you need to do is choose which version you want.

    Here's the scoop on what I call the deluxe version…

    Quite simply, the deluxe version is the ideal way to get the most bang for your buck!

    You'll get full-access to the complete “Crush Social Anxiety!” program.

    You'll get the 3 fast action bonuses. And you'll get a special audio version of “Crush Social Anxiety!” program too.

    The cool thing about the audio version of my program is you can listen to it at the gym, in your car, or anywhere else in the world with a mere tap of your finger on your mP3 player.

    You'll get the deluxe version for the one-time investment of $29.

    But if you truly cannot afford the deluxe program, then please don't skip buying groceries or paying your cell phone bill.

    Just choose Option 2 instead…

    You can grab the standard version of “Crush Social Anxiety!” with the 3 of the fast action bonuses for just $17. You'll always have the option to upgrade to the deluxe version at any time too.

    Honestly, either version of my program can make a massive difference in your life. In fact, I believe in “Crush Social Anxiety!” so much that I'm willing to take all of the risk off of your shoulders and put it squarely on mine.

    Here's what I mean…

    Okay, let's review. For just $29.00, (much less than the monthly tab for a daily cup of coffee from the local trendy coffeehouse), you will get your own copy of the deluxe version of my “Crush Social Anxiety!” program. Or if your budget is a bit tighter, then you can go with the standard version and update to the deluxe at a later time.

    You can start using my program right away to decrease your levels of shyness and social anxiety and start improving your social live instead.

    You'll be excited to start using the powerful techniques that you'll find inside your copy of the “Crush Social Anxiety!” program.

    Yes, this is the type of the high-powered, secret advantages that alpha males use to help them make friends and mingle on a consistent basis. And you do it without having to become someone who you're really not or act in ways that aren't really you.

    So don't wait until you hear other guys telling you about my program. Grab your copy right now while the price is this low because I won't keep the price this low forever.

    Just click on the “Add To Cart” button below and you'll get instant access.

    One more thing that I almost forgot to mention… you can take up to 60 days to examine and use my program with zero risk because of my full money back guarantee.

    Simply grab your copy of “Crush Social Anxiety!”… take up to two full months to review and try out everything that I share on this program.

    If you aren't 100% satisfied, simply contact me for a fast and hassle-free refund. You have nothing to lose except the blank spots on your social calendar.

    Right now you're standing at a cross-road.

    You can choose to do nothing and hope your social life improves somehow on its own using the same old methods you've been using.

    But I gotta be honest with you. If you do nothing then six months from now, your social life probably will look the same as it does right now. 

    Or you can take action.

    You can create the type of social life you want. You can start using the same proven methods I've discovered that work to conquer shyness and help any guy become more successful socially.

    The choice is yours. 

    I wish I could make the decision for you but I can't.

    But if I could, I'd want to get started right away on creating the social life I really wanted.

    A future with an active and busy social calendar and no more lonely nights sitting home on a Saturday night.

    I want to help you along this path. I want to see you have the social life you really want. That's why I created my "Crush Social Anxiety!" program.

    It's a proven system for taking shyness and social anxiety and kicking them to the curb.

    But as much as I want to help you succeed I still need you to do one small thing. I need you to take action by scrolling down this page and clicking on the “Add To Cart” button.

    Within mere minutes you'll have instant access to the complete "Crush Social Anxiety!" program.

    Don't wait… grab your copy of the “Crush Social Anxiety!” now.

    To Your New Social Life,


    P.S. You can spend countless hours learning how to create a brand new social life for yourself… spend hundreds of hours doing trial and error to figure out what methods work best (and which ones don't)… or you can grab Crush Social Anxiety instead.

    P.P.S. Not sure how to start a new conversation? Can't remember how to quickly and easily position yourself as a “go-to” social guy? No problem. Simply grab your copy of “Crush Social Anxiety!” and you'll have the answer almost instantly.

    P.P.P.S. One of the biggest mistakes that shy or socially anxious guys make is using the wrong communication techniques. Simply replacing any bad habits or adding effective new techniques by using my “Crush Social Anxiety!” program is a proven short-cut to success! Just click on the “Add To Cart” button above and you'll get instant access in mere minutes.



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